No picture, than it’s not real.

A fun phrase used so often on the web is “If there’s no picture, it didn’t happen.” Meaning of course you have to be able to prove everything you claim has happened by uploading a picture to the web for all to see.

For example, today I read about Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, starting a twitter account, and that he was following Heidi Montag… Heidi Who? Take a look at the google screenshot and you should know that she herself named her new album “Superficial“. Did I belief it? Yeah, because it came from a reliable online source. It now seems this is a fake account, but we’re waiting for a confirmation of some sort of the great CEO himself.

For those of you who aren’t google’ing Heidi Montag right now… 🙂
Why did this draw my attention today?

I was talking to a guy who said he wasn’t on facebook. At the moment he said that, everybody around the table looked scared. “Wow, this guy is not on facebook, so… does he really exist?” or “Do you mean we’ll have to explain to him what facebook is about and why he should be on it?”

Oooh, scary…

On the other hand… interesting. As one of the few people in advertising, he has the capability to look at online advertising, without coming to the – by now totally outdated – conclusion, that facebook is the answer to every marketeers online question marks. He hasn’t been polluted by facebook yet. Sure facebook is a fun thing to play with, and it is of course the answer to some of the online marketing questions, but definitely not to all questions, and definitely not by default!

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2 Responses to “No picture, than it’s not real.”
  1. Melanie schreef:

    Zie net dat een Verified Account is.

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