NEW! The decade of Nostalgia

It has been a decade of NEW.

With new things en technologies constantly just around the corner.
Just two examples: The Nintendo Wii & The iPhone.
I’m sure you’ll be able to make your own long list here.

The internet gained massively in importance and people have been adopting the new internet technologies faster than ever. Facebook and other social networks being some of them.

I wonder… will the next decade be one of NOSTALGIA, or will the hunger for NEW continue?

click below for the clip (sorry, embedding is disabled)

The most important idea in advertising is “new”… It creates an itch… You simply put you product in there as a sort of ‘calamine lotion’… There is also a deeper bond with the product… “Nostalgia”… It’s delicate, but potent.

We see today, people are starting to escape facebook. Taking vacations without their mobile phones, or sometimes even shutting down every connection they have for a while and calling this vacation…

I belief the next decade will start with a period of nostalgia driven marketing. Which doesn’t mean we can relax and stop innovating. Because when the power of ‘new’ will be reinstated (and it will), we must be ready. Being surprised by ‘new’ is not an option in the next decade. If so, we will be late, and not relevant to anyone anymore.

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