Why do we buy iPads?

As the iPad turns out to be a media-consuming device, rather than a media-creating device, I can only conclude that it will be a great tool to use in your free time. Of course then, the next question rises. Who has enough free time to spend on an iPad? You spend time on your computer at work, some time in front of a television set, and then… you sleep.

So “Why buy an iPad?”, seems to me much like the question: “Why do we buy books?”. The answer: To kid ourselves with the illusion of enough free time to read them. For this reason, I believe the iPad sales will be great.

At least, that is the case for us, working people.

There is a very big group that has been left out of the iPad’s WIIFM-question. (what’s in it for me) The non-working population. The elderly. This is a group that constitutes of people who did not grow up in a digital age. They prefer simple solutions for their internet needs. Some call these simple interactive solutions “Apps“. And isn’t that just the thing that the iPad holds dearest?

Using the Steve Jobs keynote adjectives: “A better, great, wonderful, amazing and easy-to-use App-experience…” And of course, this (growing) group of people, is a group that has the leisure time to consume massive quantities of media. The iPad could be the interactive revolution… for the elderly.

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