Looking back

I was in the car, listening to the radio, imagining that these guys were singing about the old days of advertising. The Mad Men days, or even more recent, the days of television commercial, huge billboard, postcards, big print campaigns,… I imagined they were singing about drinking at work, going for 4 hour lunches, drawing … Lees verder

The pay-anything-you-want-formula

This band has competed in a recent national music contest. They didn’t win, but their performance was so captivating that the media has really embraced the band, quickly after the contest. So, now they’re booming. But instead of rapidly putting their album in stores and on itunes and charging full price, they’ve chosen to sell … Lees verder

Make hits for FREE!

In the past marketeers had to pay great amounts of money to get their message out there. Expensive television ads, print campaigns, giant posters,… your basic interruption media pallet. -It’s amazing how people are still in shock when I tell them what a television commercial costs- Nowadays, access to the masses is FREE. You can … Lees verder

Social Media sucks!

Every now and then we have to say this. It might sound strange and you might not belief it the first few times you say it…. Say it once and nothing will happen. Say it twice and it will make you think. Say it ten times, and you will start to question social media once … Lees verder