Social Media sucks!

Every now and then we have to say this. It might sound strange and you might not belief it the first few times you say it…. Say it once and nothing will happen. Say it twice and it will make you think. Say it ten times, and you will start to question social media once again. If not, repeat until you do.

For many of us, using social media in the communications mix has become logical. We do it without thinking about it… Doing things without questioning it, is NOT okay. I’m not saying social media sucks, I’m just saying, it might not be the solution to your problem every time. We need to fall out of love with social media to improve our usage of it.

And this applies to advertising/ pr/ srm/ activation strategies/ … and yes, also to our personal use. Have the guts to say that social media sucks, every now and then.

Oh, by the way… I said it to myself today during a meeting. Social media sucks; we can’t use it for this product; this brand can’t communicate online; the target group is not into this stuff;…. It made me think, and afterwards I was 100% sure that it WAS the right decision to throw it into the mix. Today, in that meeting, online conversations and engagement had to be trown on the table. Not automatically but after careful consideration.

I’ll let everyone know, the first time it turns out the other way  😉

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