Make hits for FREE!

In the past marketeers had to pay great amounts of money to get their message out there. Expensive television ads, print campaigns, giant posters,… your basic interruption media pallet.
-It’s amazing how people are still in shock when I tell them what a television commercial costs-

Nowadays, access to the masses is FREE. You can have a great idea and go with it. If the idea is really great, it will get to the right person, on the right screen. If it’s not great, no harm done, try again. Once you get the right idea, and permission from the receiver, you’ve got a hit.

There are more online HITS coming from regular people than from brands. Just check out the top viewed youtube movies. When people have a great idea, they just get it out there. When brands (or their advertising agencies) have a great idea, they have reviews and meetings and focus groups and … you get it, not many of these ideas get to see the light of day. Like this brands will indeed seldomly fail. But without failing, there are no learnings. And without daring to fail, a huge part of potential HITS never get a chance.

And OMG, this orange is so annoying! I love it! (by the way: an average of about 2 million views per episode)


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