The pay-anything-you-want-formula

This band has competed in a recent national music contest. They didn’t win, but their performance was so captivating that the media has really embraced the band, quickly after the contest. So, now they’re booming. But instead of rapidly putting their album in stores and on itunes and charging full price, they’ve chosen to sell their music at any price you want to pay for it … So why do I think will this be successful?

First of all: they make great music, that’s a good start.

But there’s something else. Unlike other musicians that make the regular stuff, using fancy samples, autotune, etc. Amatorski really touches people. They touch people with their story. That of a young group of people just making the music they love. They don’t produce stuff to fit into the market demands, they do their own thing. They have a pretty big fan base for a Belgian band, especially such a recent one into the spotlight and they reward their newborn fan base with gifts. One being the “pay-what-you-want” option when buying their music.

I love their music, and Amatorski makes it pretty clear they love to make it. This touches people in such a way that they won’t pay minimum price, but they’ll add something to it. Because we want them to keep on making music. I probably payed more than I would have payed for the new single of an established Belgian band, but it’s well worth it.

So why will this be a succes? Because they’ve given their fans a clean cut, simple tool, to pay more than regular market price. An opportunity to show their admiration for this music. Who else has the guts to do this?


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