Looking back

I was in the car, listening to the radio, imagining that these guys were singing about the old days of advertising. The Mad Men days, or even more recent, the days of television commercial, huge billboard, postcards, big print campaigns,… I imagined they were singing about drinking at work, going for 4 hour lunches, drawing a picture, make a few slides, and calling it a day… oh, and taking 15% on all media spendings.

Looking back feels nice. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. But, sorry, you either evolve or go extinct. Not much you can change about that. Darwin wrote the communications manual on that one, you can check it here.

I wrote about Nostalgia some time ago. About how I thought people might just be fed up with “new” and revert to the good old times, when the internet was just a medium, used by few. Turns out, people are just warming up to “new”. It’s some advertising people however, that appear to be in need of a renaissance…. It isn’t going to happen.

Today is where you need to be. That is the Olympic minimum. To thrive, you even need to look at tomorrow and beyond. Which doesn’t mean the good old days aren’t relevant any more. But let’s take the learnings from those days (about television, print, radio,..), and use them to create a conversation.

After all, what better role for above media, than to inspire consumers to go online, and to genuinely engage with a brand.


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