Social Media sucks!

Every now and then we have to say this. It might sound strange and you might not belief it the first few times you say it…. Say it once and nothing will happen. Say it twice and it will make you think. Say it ten times, and you will start to question social media once … Lees verder

Online suicide

I heard this on the radio yesterday. Not much have done it yet, but 500 online suicides have been committed using the online suicide machine. Be careful when visiting this site. It has the power to delete your entire online identity within 1 hour. *Share on facebook* *Twit this*

Gesprekken afluisteren

Er zijn tegenwoordig 1001 manieren om mee te luisteren naar de mond-aan-mond reclame op het web. Meeluisteren via blogfeeds, blog alerts, twitter listening tools, … you name it, they’ve got it….